Google to launch smartphones at 2000 ₹ in India

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Along with being a pioneer in the Internet industry also changing in the world of smartphones is being watched in India . So, where Internet usage is growing, even in the world of smartphones has brought a revolution, but now Google will soon bring its cheap smartphones in India. Referring to the recent Google CEO Sundar Pichai is her long-time in a program. Pichai said that he would pretty decent smartphone in India for Rs 2000 ($ 30), ie, to increase the usefulness of the Internet because of the smartphone is also a need.

Google's CEO, said in his address at a function held at IIT. In which he insisted on bringing cheap smartphones. He also has some important announcements for small and medium enterprises, ie SMB . In India, Goole is going to organize a program by the name "digital unlocked".

Recently speaking, the low-cost smartphone are available in the Indian market. But Google may soon offer its cheap smartphones. Cheap with great features that will be.

So let us see what is  there for the common people of India from the side of Google.


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