Chinese reaction on the test of Indian nuclear capable ballastic missile - Agni V

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On Tuesday China expressed hope that India's nuclear capable inter Continental ballastic missile Agni V is tested under the guidelines of United Nations Security Council and will not disturb the strategic stability of the South Asia. And also the two countries are not Rivals but partners.

There was some media reports that this test fire objects to China in this situation China has clarified without giving any details that there are clear rules  in United Nations resolutions about this issue.

He said, "We always believe that the South China Sea to maintain strategic balance and stability in the region is conducive to peace and prosperity." The strategic balance in South Asia implies that the military balance between India and Pakistan. Five thousand km range Inter Island Ballistic Missile (ICBM) strategic missile is believed to target China as it can reach almost every part of China.

He also said that there was some Indian and Japanese media which were giving reports that this test is done by targeting China. He further added, "I believe the intent of India you ask about the Indian side. "he added that India and China are partners, not rivals.

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