15 facts about Indian armed forces you must know

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Indian Army is the third biggest military contingent in the World next to USA and China. but there are many things which make our army one of the greatest militaries of world and make every Indian proud.
These are some lesser known facts about Indian armed forces which will make you swell with pride.

1. Among the nuclear capable elite
           India’s indigenous nuclear-capable ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) AGNI-V puts India into the Elite Club consisting of USA, China, France and Russia.

2. Best in high altitude and mountain warfare

          Indian army is among the very best in high altitude and mountain warfare.

3. Elite military training centers in the world 

           One of the most elite military training centres in the world, the Indian army’s High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) and is visited by Special Ops teams from the U.S, U.K & Russia. Even during the invasion of Afghanistan, the U.S Special Forces were trained at HAWS.

4. Biggest ‘voluntary’ army in the world     

                Indian army is the biggest ‘voluntary’ army in the world. All the serving and reserve personnel are in fact come forward to join the force. While the constitution has a provision to make forced recruitment, it has never been used.

5. No reservations based on caste or religion

               In the Indian army, there is no provision for reservations based on caste or religion, while this is a common practice in other government organisations and institutions in the country.

6. In control of the highest battlefield in the world

               India is in control of the highest battlefield in the world – the Siachen glacier. This area is at 5000 metres above Mean Sea Level (MSL).

7. India’s glory against Pakistan in 1971 

                 The Indo Pakistan War of 1971 ended with the surrender of about 93,000 soldiers and officials of the Pakistani Army. This is the largest number of war prisoners taken into custody since World War II. The war resulted in the creation of Bangladesh.

8. The great Battle of Longewala

             During a battle against Pakistan in December 1971, just 120 Indian Soldiers with one jeep mounted M40 recoilless rifle held the fort against 2000 Pakistani soldiers backed by 45 tanks and 1 mobile infantry brigade. Despite being heavily out-numbered, the Indian soldiers held their ground throughout the night and with the help of the Air Force, were able to completely rout the aggressors.

9. The biggest civilian rescue operations in the world

                Operation Rahat (2013): It was carried out by the Indian Air Force to evacuate civilians affected by the floods in Uttarakhand in 2013. It was the biggest civilian rescue operations in the world carried out by any Air Force using helicopters. During the first phase of the operation from 17 June 2013, the IAF airlifted a total of about 20,000 people; flying a total of 2,140 sorties and dropping a total of 3,82,400 kg of relief material and equipment.

10. Unique horsed cavalry regiment
          The Indian army has a horsed cavalry regiment. It is among one of the last three such regiments in the world.

11.India’s nuclear test, the biggest failure of CIA

               Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of USA had no clue about India’s nuclear arsenal test in the early 1970s and late 1990s. Till date, it is considered to be one of the CIA’s biggest failures in espionage and detection.

12. Army built the highest bridge in the world

            The Indian Army built the highest bridge in the world – The Bailey Bridge. Built in August 1982, it is located in the Ladakh valley between Dras and Suru rivers in the Himalayan mountains.

13. Out-station base in Tajikistan

               The Indian Air Force has an out-station base in Tajikistan and is seeking another in Afghanistan.

14. Honorary ranks to celebrities

                      Celebrities are often awarded honorary ranks in the armed forces. While Sachin Tendulkar has been granted the rank of Honorary Group captain in the I.A.F, M.S Dhoni is an Honorary Lt Col in the Indian Army. Many film stars including Nana Patekar and Mohan Lal also are conferred with military ranks.

15. Largest Naval Academy

                 The Ezhimala Naval Academy in Kerala is the largest of its kind in Asia.
source Google
For any suggestions or correction in the article please do comment in the comment section. also let us know what do you think about these facts and our armed forces.


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